Allah protects from hellfire the Muslim who defends his fellow Muslim. [Tabarani]

In this glorious month of Ramadan, our Palestinian brothers and sisters are once again facing a dangerous escalation in violence.

20 innocent Palestinians have lost their lives including 9 children.

Islam teaches that all believers are one body, and when one part of the body is hurting, then the entire body is hurting.

We've all seen the shocking images and videos of Al Aqsa Mosque being attacked while worshipers were praying!

Hundreds of Palestinians were left injured, with several losing their eyes. So, how can we sit by watching Palestinians cry in pain and do nothing about it?

On a night that could be as powerful as 1,000 months, make an extra effort to defend and help ease the suffering of Palestinians. 

Protect the People of Palestine

HOW CAN YOU help the people of PALESTINE?

80% of the population rely on aid to simply survive.

Palestinians face violence when they step out of their house, so with restricted movement people are struggling to find food to feed their families. 

For just £100 you could provide nutritious food packs that will feed 2 families for over a month.

Food for Palestine

95% of Gaza’s water is “unfit for human use”

With the water supply often being contaminated, our Palestinian brothers and sisters go days without receiving clean water

With your support, we can produce up to 80,000 litres of fresh water daily for almost a quarter of a million impoverished Palestinians.

Water for Palestine

With hundreds being injured daily the situation in Palestine is critical.

Medical aid is urgently needed to treat our Palestinian brothers and sisters!

Our teams will be delivering life-saving medical supplies to hospitals ensuring the injured are treated and cared for in the best possible way. Your donations could help provide good health and preserve their dignity during these testing times! 

Medicine for Palestine 

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