What is Fidya, and why is it so important?

Fidya can bring up a lot of questions, especially if you’ve never had to pay it before.

Fidya, sometimes spelled Fidyah - What is Fidya, and how much is the Fidya for Ramadan 2022? Who is eligible for Fidya? How much is Fidya per meal missed? How can I learn how to calculate Fidya? What does Fidya mean in Islam, and why is it so important?

Luckily, we’re here to help and answer all your questions!

What is Fidya?

Fidya is an obligatory payment that you must make if you cannot fast for a legitimate reason, and you can’t make up the fasts later. According to Islamic law, you need to use your Fidya to provide 2 meals for every single fast missed for those in need.

Pay Your Fidyah

Who is eligible to pay Fidya?

As written above, if you have to miss fasts and you cannot make them up later, you must pay Fidya. Here are a few key examples of people who are eligible to pay Fidya:

  • Pregnant women who are unable to fast
  • People with chronic illnesses, including mental illnesses
  • People who experience short-term illness over the month of Ramadan
  • People who need to continue taking their medication
  • Elderly people who cannot fast

How much is Fidya for Ramadan 2022?

Fidya costs £4 a day, with SKT Welfare. If you cannot fast for the entire month of Ramadan, the Fidya amount for 2022 will be £120 in total.

Your Fidya will provide life-saving food to poor families who are on the brink of starvation – so know that every donation is making a difference.

 Pay Your Fidyah

Why are Fidya donations so important?

If you can’t fast over Ramadan, perhaps because you’re pregnant or unwell, it can bring up mixed emotions. With all the devastating effects of Covid-19, you might feel that you want to fast over the Holy Month, to gain more understanding of the crisis and get closer to Allah (SWT). But your Fidya donations are of utmost importance – they can be a huge blessing to yourself, and even more so to those in need.

When you donate your Fidya with SKT Welfare, we’ll make sure that your donations provide vital food to vulnerable families living in poverty across the globe. With news of the coronavirus sweeping the globe, our brothers and sisters living in poverty in Pakistan, Shaam, Turkey, Palestine, Bangladesh, Tanzania are at more risk than ever. For many, accessing food in these unprecedented times is virtually impossible, as countless people have lost their jobs and food shortages and price hikes in the market have caused devastation.

But we won’t leave anyone behind. Nobody should go hungry. We know that when we deliver food to those in need, we help families stay stronger and healthier so they can be protected against Coronavirus.  

Your Fidya 2022 donation could provide enormous relief to these innocent people, who are suffering through no fault of their own. So, even though you cannot fast, you will not only receive blessings for donating your Fidya, but you will also bless others with your help.

Pay your Fidyah

We hope you’ve given you everything you need to understand your Fidya donations – but if we haven’t, please do get in touch – we’d be happy to talk you through any other questions you might have about Fidya in 2022.

Your Fidya is powerful, and you get to choose to give it joyfully to those in need this Ramadan, in the name of Allah (swt).


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