“When my husband died, my children and I were thrown out of our family home as my in-laws feared that I would demand a share in the ancestral property. My parents brought me home but because my father was a cancer patient, we struggled a lot financially. I used to wash dishes and wash clothes at peoples’ houses to earn some money, but whenever they found out that I was a widow, they would sack me without any notice. A time came when I even had to sleep on the streets in the cold, wintery nights.”


This heartbreaking story is one among many such stories found in Pakistan, showing the ordeals which vulnerable women and their children have to go through when they find themselves with no roof over their heads. We can’t even imagine the difficulties that women like Mehwish Begum* have had to face and the constant stress they feel to be able to find some work so that they can build a safe haven for their children.

Alhamdulillah, SKT Welfare was able to provide hope to Mehwish and her family by building a home and for them in Muzaffargarh, Punjab. The house consists of one living room/bedroom space, a bathroom, and a kitchen with food supplies. 

“SKT Welfare built a house for me and my children and we now have a roof over our heads, a place to call home and stay protected from the cold. We are grateful to SKT Welfare and those who donated to this cause.”

One fully furnished home costs just £4,000. To donate and build a safe haven for vulnerable families in Pakistan, please email [email protected].

*Beneficiary name changed for GDPR reasons

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