7 Steps to Getting Ramadan Ready

Putting your mental health first as you get ready for Ramadan

As the Holy Month approaches, many of us can feel overwhelmed at the incoming tidal wave of Iftars to be planned, duas to be remembered and Zakat to be calculated. At this stressful time, and with the added worries about Covid-19, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But as we rush and worry, it’s important to remember what Ramadan is all about.

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Take one big, deep breath. Think about what Ramadan means to you…

It’s one glorious month where we set aside earthly things and surrender in the worship of Allah (SWT). It’s the time of the year when many of us choose to be purified by giving our Zakat to those in need. It’s a month to spread smiles, give hope and unite with our Ummah. We do all this in the name of Allah (SWT).

With that in mind, here are our top tips for putting your mental health first and getting ready for a safe and fulfilling Ramadan 2022:

1. Take a deep breath. Remember why you fast, why you give, why you pray… and release. When you’re calm and full of faith, that’s the best mental and spiritual space to start getting ready for Ramadan.

2. Plan Iftars you’ll really love, with friends and family whose company you enjoy, and whose faithfulness brings you closer to Allah (SWT). Perhaps you’ll have to do this digitally, but you can still be together in spirit.

3. Give early and often. Give Sadaqah, give Zakat, give for the love of Allah (SWT) and out of compassion for others. Give to charity, give to your neighbours, give a smile. Our Zakat Calculator makes working out and giving Zakat easy, and with our 100% Zakat policy, you can rest assured in your faith that every penny of your donation is going to those who need it most.

4. Pray. Pray when you’re hungry. Pray when you’re stressed. Even pray when someone asks, “Not even water?” for the 100th time. Every good deed is multiplied over Ramadan - every dua is precious. Don’t miss out on the blessings of this month, where your rewards will be multiplied, maximised and magnified.

 5. Fast in preparation. The month of Shaban is the perfect time to start preparing your body and mind for the challenges of fasting. It is reported that the Prophet (saw) used to fast most on Mondays and Thursdays, so choosing one or both days to start with is a good way to get used to fasting in time for Ramadan!  

6. Order what you need in advance - but don’t go overboard. It’s worth trying to be as prepared as possible, as the coronavirus crisis continues. Whilst stockpiling is not a kind reaction to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be prepared. Make sure you stock up on the essentials this Ramadan - like our charity dates - so that you’re ready for the Holy Month.

7. Do it all in the name of Allah (SWT). It’s all about Him; we give, pray and love in the name of Allah (SWT) - all year round, and especially during Ramadan.

Pay Your Zakat

We hope this has made you feel calmer and more prepared for Ramadan, Insha’Allah. If we act in faith and in the name of Allah (swt), Insha’Allah this month of difficulty can also become one of great growth and blessings.
You can DONATE YOUR ZAKAT in the name of Allah (SWT) with SKT Welfare today; we have a 100% Zakat Policy, so every penny of your donation will go directly to those in need.

If you feel moved to do so, you can also give life-saving food in the name of Allah (SWT) before Ramadan begins, so that vulnerable people can eat healthily and filling Iftars, just like you.

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Wishing you a great month of Ramadan preparations, from all of us here at SKT Welfare!

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