Gift Back by the date project

The Date Project proudly launches Gift Back after every ramadan. The perfect gift that just keeps on giving!  

Each Ramadan 'The Date Project' sell thousands of medjoul dates nationwide in order to raise money for important causes around the globe including providing food in Syria, water solutions in Palestine and emergency aid in Yemen.

The perfect gift right? But now there’s more! 

Once you have enjoyed the delicious dates, you can fill your empty tin with gifts, and bring a smile to a little boy or girl in need.
This year your gift will go to children in Yemen and the UK. These children have seen so much devastation, many have lost their homes and loved ones due to a conflict that they didn't choose to be in. Millions are facing starvation, and their futures bleak.

Here in the UK, the Coronavirus has left many families struggling, your #Giftback can put a smile on a child's face.

This is your chance to let them know someone is thinking of them, and they are not forgotten.

To #GiftBack your Perfect Gift just follow these simple steps:

  • Empty your tin
  • Fill with gifts
  • Clearly label Boy/Girl
  • Post to you nearest Drop Point (locations to be announce after Ramadan)

Unsure what to pack? Here are some ideas:

Small toys, hygiene Items, accessories, arts & crafts , Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Yo yo, Sunglasses, Colouring books, Puzzles, Small toys, Bouncy balls, Note book, Stationery, Skipping rope, Tshirt, Socks, New packaged underwear, Hijab, Dress/ kurta, Flipflops/slippers, Sanitary towels, Kiddie plasters, Cards, Jewellery, Hairbands, Balloons.

Not to be included:

Food, liquids, anything that can melt, sharp objects, damaged or used items, war-related items such as play soldiers, toy guns or knives, fragile objects or medicine, sweets, chocolates, crisps, marshmallows, rainbow drops, gummies, candy, biscuits, drinks, chewing gum & fizzy pop.

Suggested Age Group:

0 to 3 years

4 to 8 years

9+ (for boxes including sanitary products clearly label 'Girl 9+')

So #Giftback your tin today! 

Support the project

If you like the initiative, we welcome you to make a contribution towards its operations. We will be sending a container filled with your #GiftBack tins to our team on the ground in Yemen. Also sending your Giftback packs to vulnerable children in the UK.

If you are able to contribute towards the cost of facilitating the distribution please support us with a small donation towards the container and help us bring smiles to children in need!

Drop off deadline: Late July 2022 (final date tbc)

Postal Addresses


All drop off locations are now closed. If you wish to send a giftback tin, please post the tins to our Head Office.

Thank you for your understanding.

SKT Welfare Office Address
Dewsbury 652 Huddersfield Road, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, WF13 3HP

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Our 100% Donation Policy means that every penny you donate is used in the delivery of humanitarian projects and directly related costs. Indirect and administrative costs are covered by either direct donations themselves or by using Gift Aid.

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