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For 15 incredible years, volunteers like you have been the heartbeat of SKT Welfare, driving our mission with passion and touching countless lives.

Why Volunteer with Us?

Volunteering with SKT isn't just about giving your time, It's about sharing your heart. With us, you can be a part of something truly special. From the UK to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond, you’ll help deliver joy and make a real difference in the lives of millions in need. 


Also, through your selfless service, you'll gain valuable skills, boost your resume, and build meaningful connections with people from all walks of life.

Endless Opportunities

Our volunteers are trailblazers. From running marathons to organising dinners, tea parties, and innovative fundraising events, you’ll contribute to and deliver life-saving aid with creativity and enthusiasm. 

Whether you prefer remote, in-office roles or hands-on experience through our Volunteer Abroad Deployment program, SKT offers diverse opportunities to make an impact. No matter how you choose to help, we’ll support and nurture your passion to become a global change agent.

Ready to Make a Difference?

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Volunteer Abroad (Deployment)

Join our ‘Volunteer Abroad Program’ for a life-changing experience. 

From Turkey to Morocco, Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Pakistan witness firsthand the challenges confronting diverse communities, including refugees, orphans, and the most vulnerable. Hear their stories, understand their struggles, and make a real difference by delivering essential aid directly into their hands.

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Our 100% Donation Policy means that every penny you donate is used in the delivery of humanitarian projects and directly related costs. Indirect and administrative costs are covered by either direct donations themselves or by using Gift Aid.