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Qurbani is the religious slaughtering and sacrifice of an animal whose meat is to be distributed to those who are in need. This is done in the spirit of the story of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) who, through a dream was ordered to sacrifice his son Ismail (as), to test his devotion. As Ibrahim (as) showed his unwavering faith in being prepared to do so, Allah (SWT) saved Ismail (as), and a ram was sacrificed instead.


Most Muslims choose to donate their Qurbani to charities, to perform the sacrifice on their behalf. This enables the meat to be distributed to people in need around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions deeper into poverty without even the most basic food, so your Qurbani is needed now more than ever. For many families, your Qurbani will be the only meal they will eat all year.

1. Will the Coronavirus pandemic affect the distribution of Qurbani in 2022?

At SKT Welfare, we always take the utmost care when conducting and distributing Qurbani to vulnerable communities around the world. Our local teams will be fully adhering to local guidelines and instructions around the slaughtering and distribution of Qurbani meat. Our teams will be maintaining the highest standards of health and hygiene, wearing protective clothing, maintaining a safe distance from others, and delivering Qurbani meat with contactless processes. 

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2. When should I give my Qurbani?

Qurbani must be carried out on the 10th, 11th, and 12th day of Dhul Hijjah, to mark the start of Eid-ul-Adha and the feast of the sacrifice. As the final day of sacrifice is on the 12th day of this holy month, you must make sure to give your Qurbani before this date to ensure SKT Welfare can carry out the sacrifice on your behalf for that year.  You can give Qurbani at any time before this date, and we will ensure that the sacrifice is performed between the 10th and 12th days of Dhul Hijjah.

3. Who needs to give Qurbani, and do I need to give Qurbani on behalf of my children?

Muslims who are eligible to pay Zakat, adults of sound mind and owning above the nisab, must also give Qurbani. Children and the mentally vulnerable are not required to give Qurbani.

4. Can I donate to other charitable causes instead and fulfil my obligation?

 Charity cannot be given in the place of Qurbani. To ensure you receive rewards from Allah (SWT) “for every hair of the Qurbani” as described by the Prophet Muhammad (saw) you must arrange for an animal to be sacrificed.

With SKT Welfare, you can give your Qurbani for just £25.

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5. Which animals are suitable for Qurbani donation?

Sheep, goats, cattle and camels are all suitable animals for sacrifice. Animals will depend on the location, and local diets and protocols. If you donate your Qurbani with SKT Welfare this year, we will ensure that the animals sacrificed are healthy and meet the strict Islamic Shariah guidelines to ensure your Qurbani is accepted by Allah (SWT). With SKT Welfare, you can provide one Qurbani for just £25, to feed the poor and deprived where the need is greatest.

6. Are there any regulations on how the animals are treated? 

Animals should be slaughtered according to proper Islamic regulations. This should be with a sharp knife so the animal experiences no suffering, and there should be no other animals present for this at the time.

You can perform your Qurbani from just £25

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