The outbreak and spread of COVID-19 across the world has caused great uncertainty, destabilisation, fear and loss. The Coronavirus has already claimed thousands of lives across the globe and threatens even more in the coming weeks and months.

At SKT Welfare, we are following the government’s advice and are ensuring we are operating safely and ensuring we are supporting efforts to reduce the spread of the virus. Our staff are working from home, and maintaining frequent communication to support one another during this time, professionally and personally.

Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Last week we launched a Coronavirus Emergency Appeal, which was focused on supporting vulnerable members of our UK communities with essential food items during this difficult time. With many elderly people and those with underlying health conditions being instructed to self-isolate, there are real threats to their mental wellbeing as well as their access to nutritious food as supermarket services are severely stretched. We are operating a contactless service, and in the presence of our beneficiaries and members of the public, always maintain a safe distance of 2 meters. We will be working in this way in the coming months as our volunteers strive to distribute dates for Ramadan as part of The Date Project.

we are also working across the globe to support vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19. For poor families, access to food is a problem at the best of times, as their power to purchase food is almost non-existent.

Working Globally

At SKT Welfare, we are also working across the globe to support vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19. For poor families, access to food is a problem at the best of times, as their power to purchase food is almost non-existent. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, countries have gone into lock-down to try to prevent the further spread of the virus. This means buying food has become an even bigger challenge for people in poverty as movement is restricted, supplies running short and huge price hikes overtake markets.

Therefore we are distributing nutritious food parcels to those most in need across Pakistan, Shaam and the Gaza Strip.

One of our other key priorities is ensuring our Al Huda Hospital in Shaam is fully functioning and well equipped, so that we can provide life-saving healthcare should the Coronavirus pandemic affect Shaam. Early reports suggest there is one reported case of COVID-19 in Shaam. An outbreak in Shaam would be devastating to the country, as its already weak health infrastructure will be unable to cope. Millions of people are living in makeshift refugee camps in the country, having fled their homes in search of safety away from bombs and violence. These camps are overcrowded, lack clean water and have lack hygiene and cleanliness. The spread of Coronavirus in these camps will be catastrophic, affecting a huge number of people very quickly. The need to act is now.

We are constantly monitoring the situation in the countries we are working in so that we can support our staff and beneficiaries in the best possible way. 


Many of our supporters entrust SKT Welfare with their Zakat contributions, and this is an Amanah that we take very seriously. We are honoured that you choose SKT to distribute your Zakat, and we know that thousands of people across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including orphan children and widowed mothers, receive life-changing support as a result. I hope this year too, you feel assured that SKT Welfare will protect your Zakat contribution, and strive to serve the most vulnerable and fragile communities around the World, despite the challenges.

There is a need for support for the most vulnerable more than ever.

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