winter 2022

This year, Covid restrictions may make winter more challenging as seeing loved ones and planning activities won’t be the same as previous years.

However, there are some lovely things about winter you can still enjoy: snowball fights, fluffy socks, roaring fires and hot chocolate. With the good, we know comes the bad - from freezing temperatures, darker days, and a lack of sunshine.

Here at SKT Welfare, we wanted to share a few ways you can make the most of this season and spread some kindness and joy.

Spread a smile

The Prophet said, “Your smile for your brother is charity” (Tirmidhi), so use this opportunity to spread some cheer this winter.

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter, and it can greatly affect their daily lives. This winter, spread a smile to those around you to help combat SAD. Your smile could brighten someone’s day!

Arrange video calls with people you care about

This year, you might not be able to visit those you love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still spend some quality time with them. Why not arrange a virtual coffee or dinner with your grandparents or friends you haven’t seen in a while?

You can stay snuggling in your favourite blanket and have a meaningful catch up with those you truly love. You’ll be warm – both with your blanket, and warm and fuzzy inside from all the love and giggles you’ll share!

Do something active

Exercise releases endorphins – happy hormones! Exercising, taking a walk or participating in any form of physical activity you enjoy to is a great way to generate body heat and stay warm, as well as improve your mood. Get together with your friends or family for a nice socially-distance and Covid appropriate walk.

Want to keep your body active this winter? Sign up for one of our virtual challenges! You’ll find new and exciting ways to stay active while raising funds to support those most in need this winter.

Help those most vulnerable

This winter, warm your heart by giving to those most in need. Spread kindness by providing warmth and protection to those living in poverty around the world.

While so many of us are able to turn on the heating or layer up, millions will have nothing to protect them against the cold, harsh winter. For countless people around the world, winter is an unforgiving enemy, and this season will truly be a fight for survival.


More families in the UK are forced to use food banks due to the economic hardship caused by Covid19.

We have been working throughout the first lockdown and now into the second to ensure we are doing all we can to make things easier for those struggling. Families should not be going hungry in 2022 and we have a responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen.

If you need help with food or necessities, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0300 30 20 786 or email [email protected]

We are here to help.


Winter for refugees

For the most vulnerable around the world, winter is a brutal and unforgiving enemy from which they have no protection or safe haven. Winter leaves vulnerable communities freezing, without food, warmth or shelter. It can kill them. You can protect them.

A simple donation of just £20 will help a vulnerable family stay warm this winter. 

You can protect them

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