A Half Term More Difficult Than Most

The world's population is estimated to be just over 7 billion. But there's enough food in the world to feed 10 billion. That makes hunger the world's biggest, solvable problem.

On Wednesday 21st October, the UK government voted against a motion that would have extended free school meals to children over school holidays until Easter 2022. The decision will undoubtedly have devastating impacts on families who are already struggling to get by. At SKT Welfare, we believe that all children should be empowered to lead full lives of dignity, ambition, and courage. We believe that education is the cornerstone to development and success, and will help communities break devastating cycles of poverty. However, without food, children’s health, wellbeing, and lives are at risk, regardless of whether or not they receive an education.

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The statistics are shocking

8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat. 4.7 million of these people live in severely food insecure homes. This means that their food intake is greatly reduced, and children are regularly hungry. In these households, it is not uncommon for children to go to school without breakfast or be dependent on an unhealthy diet of junk food. 30% of all children in the UK live in poverty, despite it being the sixth-richest country in the world by GDP.

The Coronavirus pandemic has worsened an already-bleak situation, with an 81% increase in people needing support from food banks as compared to last year.

No child should sleep hungry

Food is the most basic of all necessities, as, without it, humans cannot survive. Good nutrition with balanced food groups, vitamins, and minerals help ensure people stay healthier for longer, and a healthy diet is imperative for all, especially children. By removing free school vouchers over holidays, low-income families will struggle to provide their children with adequate nutrition this half term.

This is not just a problem for this week. Child hunger is a very real, yet solvable issue around the world, and millions of children go to bed every night, hungry. When we provide food, we ease burdens and stress in families, and remove the choice they are forced to make between eating or paying bills, or buying school uniforms and supplies. When we provide food, we help children grow up healthy and strong, with enough focus and concentration at school to really learn and succeed.

We are here to help

SKT Welfare delivers food around the world and seeks to support communities to develop long-term livelihood projects with ongoing income that will benefit generations to come.

If you need help with food or necessities this half term and beyond, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0300 30 20 786 or email [email protected]. We are here to help.

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