What happened in Syria?

What started as a peaceful protest in 2011, in the city of Daraa, quickly escalated into full-blown warfare and was the start of the Syrian civil war. 10 years after the conflict in Syria started, the country is still in the grips of uncertainty and disaster.

A Scared Syrian Child during the conflict


Ever wonder what a country that is plagued by airstrikes, bombs, and fear was like before the conflict started?

It may be hard to imagine but Syria before the war had a completely different identity. Tourists flocked to the country for its barbecue, its culture, and its rich history, eager to explore several of the oldest cities in the world. 

Syria Before and After Destruction

Syria Before and After The War

The Impact of the Conflict in Syria

Over the 10 years, SKT Welfare have worked consistently across the country, providing emergency relief to our Syrian brothers and sisters. 

12.4 million people do not have regular access to nutritious food and unfortunately, an additional 4.5 million people have also fallen into this category over the last year!

But together we are making a difference...

Northern Syria is an extremely hard to reach location, that many other charities are unable to provide humanitarian assistance in, but thanks to the Free Bread Project impoverished families throughout the area continue to have a source of relief they can rely on.

Thanks to your constant support, we distribute our baked goods at seven local refugee camps, reaching around 10,500 people every day. Our teams are continuing to provide nutritious food to thousands of families and supplying them with safe, clean drinking water.

Syrian Children in a Camp

Syrian Children in a Camp

We soon realised we had to do more to help our brothers and sisters in Syria.

The SKT Welfare hospital was built and founded by SKT Welfare in Northern Syria in 2014, promising quality medical care to 13 towns and 110 villages in the surrounding areas including Idlib.

Together we can save lives...

Our fully-equipped hospital has a number of departments, including Neurology, Orthopaedic, In-patient, Physiotherapy, Paediatrics and Ambulance services, as well as being staffed with skilled doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. 

We have treated more than 661,382 patients and with generous donations from people like you, we can help even more in the coming years

Syrian Old Women

Doctor Giving Aid To Old Syrian Women

Over six million people are currently displaced inside Syria, and almost six million more have been registered as refugees in various countries across the globe.

The conflict in Syria has also left the lives and futures of a generation of children hanging by a thread. They have known nothing but war.

But together we can make a change...

SKT Welfare has started building secure homes for the displaced. We are giving priority to widows, orphans, the disabled and the elderly!

You can help create Safe Havens for those who have fled their homes and witnessed unimaginable horrors.

We are aiming to build:
- 4 villages of safe, secure, strong homes for Syrians.
- 1,000 homes with 2 rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a clean water supply, and a solid roof.
- Each village will have a mosque, school, a safe space for women, and access to the nearby SKT Welfare hospital.

A Safe Haven will provide shelter, dignity, and privacy while keeping our Syrian brothers and sisters protected from the unimaginable horrors they face.

You can be the one to move a family out of an overcrowded refugee camp and into a secure home. 

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