Why should I build a hand pump?

Your donation will provide a family living in Pakistan with a water hand pump installed in their very own home which means that family members will no longer have to travel far distances in search of water. A hand pump enables children to go to school and further their education; allows mothers to cook and clean using fresh, safe water and helps fathers worry a little less about the financial pressures from drinking unsafe water which has previously led to waterborne diseases and illnesses at home.

How do you select the locations and households for the handpumps?

Our team in Pakistan carries out needs assessments on the ground to identify the most neediest families in terms of water scarcity.

Does SKT Welfare install the handpump themselves?

SKT Welfare has contracts with suppliers known for their good quality in building and installing water hand pumps.

How much does the water pump cost?

The price of a handpump was £200 but from the 16th of March 2021 it will decrease to  £150.

How deep is the water hand pump?

The depth of a hand pump can vary but a local hand pump can go as deep as 60ft plus depending on the ground.

Where will the hand pump be installed?

SKT Welfare will install hand pumps in the neediest areas of South Punjab and Sindh.

How many people does one hand pump serve?

One hand pump can provide water for a family of up to 8-12 members.

How much water is consumed per day?

Water consumption is usually estimated at 15-60 litres per person per day for such rural villages where we install hand pumps.

How long will it take to build my water pump and get feedback?

The construction of a hand pump takes up to 6 months and feedback is provided via email at the end of the 6 months in the form of pictures and details about where it has been built.

How are the handpumps maintained once built?

The beneficiary family is also provided with the contact number of our field officers to who they can reach out in case of any issues with the handpump. 

What is the lifespan of the hand pump?

The lifespan of the hand pump depends on how well it is looked after by the beneficiaries. As an industry practice, the useful life of a hand pump is 5 years, however, they can survive from between 7-10 years.

What can be written on the plaque?

      Names of up to 30 characters are allowed on the plaque.

      Ayahs from the Qur’an, Allah’s Names/Attributes or Hadiths are not allowed as we do not want these holy words to be desecrated.

      Plaques will contain a number to show which hand pump we have installed to date.

      The message on the plaque will be in English, with the same message in a smaller font in Urdu too.

      If no name for a hand pump is given in the ‘notes’ section of the donation, SKT Welfare  will use “Donated by” followed by the donor name given upon receipt when the donation was made.  

Can Zakat be donated towards this project?
Yes. As the hand pumps are built insides a family home and thus are owned by that family, you can donate your Zakat towards this project.

Why has the price of hand pumps reduced?

We have signed a long-term contract, ahead of Ramadan, with our existing trusted and reliable hand pump supplier who operates in all of the disadvantaged areas in Pakistan. This increase in the number of hand pumps is resulting in direct economies of scale which are bringing cost benefits to both SKT Welfare and our donors.

When will the price change be effective?

As of Tuesday  16th of March 2021, the price will now be £150 per hand pump in Pakistan.

Will I get a refund if I donated before the price change?

No. The date the contract commences is Tuesday 16th of March 2021 and only donations made from this date onwards will be as per the new £150 price.

Will the quality of the hand pump be changed?

No. We have simply signed a longer contract but the quality of the work will remain the same and the hand pump will continue to last 10 years.

Will it take longer to build the hand pumps

No. This will stay the same

Will this price change affect the feedback packs?

No. You will continue to receive the feedback packs via the post.


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