Fidyah and Kaffarah

Fidyah and Kaffarah are obligatory donations which you may need to pay, if you are missing fasts during Ramadan.

If you cannot fast over Ramadan and you cannot make up the fast later, for example because of health issues or pregnancy, you must pay Fidyah.

If you deliberately miss a fast without a good reason, you must pay Kaffarah.

How much is Fidyah and Kaffarah?

When you pay your Fidyah or Kaffarah with us, it costs £4 a day, which allows us to provide two nutritious meals a day to someone who would otherwise go without.

100% of your Fidyah or Kaffarah donation will go directly to providing life-saving food.

Fidyah 2020

Fidyah, sometimes spelled Fidya, must be paid if you have good reasons for breaking your fast, and you cannot make up the fast at a later date.

Not sure who is eligible for Fidyah? If any of the examples below describe you, you will need to pay Fidyah for any fasts missed:

  • Pregnant women who are unable to fast
  • People with chronic illnesses, including mental illnesses
  • People who experience short-term illness over the month of Ramadan
  • People who need to continue taking their medication over Ramadan
  • People who are menstruating for a period of time over Ramadan
  • Elderly people who are unable to fast

To calculate your Fidyah, you will need to pay £4 for every day that a fast will be missed. If you cannot fast throughout Ramadan, your Fidyah will be £120 - this will provide nutritious meals for a vulnerable person for an entire month, Alhamdulillah!

Kaffarah 2020

You will need to pay Kaffarah, or Kaffara, for breaking fasts or making fasts invalid, when there is no good reason, and you cannot fast at a later time for 60 continuous days.

For your broken fast, you will need to pay Kaffarah, as well as making up for that missed fast at a later date. Here are a few examples of situations when you need to pay Kaffarah:

  • Intentionally eating food or drinking water
  • Masturbation or sexual intercourse during fasting
  • Intentionally making yourself throw up
  • Planning or intending to deliberately miss fasts
  • Deliberately hurting yourself or any other person or animal

If any of the above examples apply to you, and you cannot fast at a later time for 60 days in a row, you will need to pay Kaffarah.

How much is Kaffarah? According to the Quran, you need to provide 60 meals, to atone for your broken fast. Donate your Kaffarah with us, and you will pay £4 a day for two meals over a period of one month, costing £240 in total.

100% of your Kaffarah will provide healthy, nutritious food for someone who is struggling, for an entire month.

Got questions about Fidyah and Kaffarah? We’re happy to help.

Get in touch with us here, or give us a call on 0300 3020 786.

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