This Ramadan, spread joy and hope by supporting orphans as part of our orphan care programmes. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread uncertainty and left millions of people even more vulnerable and at risk around the world. Give in the name of Allah and support orphans and ensure they receive the best start in life.

The Facts :
There are roughly 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, one third of them are children.

Nearly 400,000 of these children are not in school.

Instead, they scrounge, beg and work, leaving their childhoods behind.

there are roughly  4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, one third of them are children.

Sponsor a Syrian child today for just £20 a month, and change their lives for the better.

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Syrian Orphans in Turkey

Many Syrian orphans have seen more than any child should. From fleeing the devastating conflict in their homeland of Syria to starting up a new life in Turkey, these children have been exposed to extreme violence, psychological and emotional distress, and varying forms of exploitation. If something isn’t done, these innocent Syrian orphans will continue to spend their childhoods suffering through no fault of their own.

A simple donation of £20 a month is all it takes to make a change. Sponsor a Syrian Child today to provide them with all the love and care they need for a happy childhood.

Your sponsorship will assure that a vulnerable orphan in Turkey will receive everything they need grow strong and thrive. Your generous donation of £20 a month provides them with food, clothing, healthcare, education, any counselling services they may need and a genuinely loving home – all in our Springs of Hope Family Centre.

Sponsor a Syrian Child

When you sponsor a Syrian orphan, you’ll be changing their lives forever. Your sponsorship allows orphans at our Springs of Hope Centre in Reyhanli to regain their childhoods and open the door to a brighter future.

Our Springs of Hope Centre is a fully equipped, inclusive home for Syrian orphans, as well as widows, that provides refugees in need with complete care and a safe, loving home. At the Centre, orphaned children have the opportunity to socialise with each other, gain a formal and Islamic education, attend counselling sessions to process and cope with the immense trauma they have experienced, and all in all experience the childhood that was once taken away from them.

This Ramadan donate today to make a difference in a Syrian orphan’s life. Be the one to change these children’s lives; sponsor a Syrian child today for just £20 a month.

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