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85% of people in Pakistan don’t have access to clean drinking water. When it comes time to collect water for drinking, washing or cooking, many families walk miles upon miles to reach a water source and strain themselves considerably to fetch it, before carrying heavy buckets filled with contaminated, unsafe water home. 

Entire communities in Pakistan have little choice but to suffer the effects of waterborne diseases because they have no other options when it comes to drinking water. Sadly, around 40% of all deaths in Pakistan are due to drinking contaminated water.   

We’re setting up fresh water pumps throughout Pakistan’s most impoverished communities to put an end to this water crisis and keep Pakistani families happy and healthy. Our water pumps make it easier for local people to quickly and efficiently collect clean water for their families, saving them time and effort. 

Hundreds of thousands of families in Pakistan need our help! £150 for a complete Hand Pump, can give a family access to safe, clean and drinkable water right in their communities.

Every hand pump build will have a plaque with a name on and the person making the donation will also receive a feedback pack in the post. 100% of the money you donate will go towards providing water for a family. 

When donating, please add the details you would like on the plaque in the notes such as:

Sadaqah Jariyah for...

Donated by

In memory of...

I’m raising funds for SKT Welfare because I really care about the great work they’re doing to alleviate poverty and suffering around the globe.

SKT work with marginalised and vulnerable communities including with orphans and widows to help them build better futures. With their 100% donation policy, you can rest assured that every penny of your donation will go directly to those who need it most.


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All proceeds go towards

Water Aid in Pakistan

85% of people in Pakistan don’t have access to clean drinking water. 

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Our 100% Donation Policy means that every penny you donate is used in the delivery of humanitarian projects and directly related costs. Indirect and administrative costs are covered by either direct donations themselves or by using Gift Aid.

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