Food for Syrian Refugees in Turkey

100% of your donation buys food for Syrian Refugees in Turkey


Since the Syria conflict began in 2011, over 3.5 million Syrian refugees have fled into Turkey and the numbers continue to rise. Many Syrian refugee families in Turkey left their homes wearing nothing but the clothes on their backs and are in desperate need of support. Many have experienced unparalleled levels of trauma and continue to experience tremendous grief and alienation, while thousands of refugee children are out of school.  

Our projects in Turkey address both short and long term needs of refugees struggling to settle and move forwards with their lives.

224,750 Syrians have been born in Turkey alone since the unrest in Syria in 2011.

Two parcels are provided comprising nutritious, essential items like rice, bulgar, lentils, sugar, flour, oil and a small treat of sweets for children who have suffered so much. 

100% of your donation buys food.

We deliver two parcels per family containing:

Rice 4kg

Sunflower Oil 2ltr

Olive Oil 1ltr

Bulgar 2kg

Capillary 0.5kg

Sugar 4kg

Red Lentil 1kg

Green lentil 2kg

Tea 0.4kg

Flour 1kg

Children sweets 0.8kg

Tomato paste 0.83kg

Spaghetti 1kg

Thyme 0.5kg

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