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About Us

SKT Welfare is an NGO and UK-registered charity (1153735) founded in 2008. It has a 100% donation policy and we pride ourselves on volunteerism.


We have an institutional approach, with competent and experienced management running the charity. The charity is governed by strong quality control, audit trails, policies and procedures.

SKT Welfare delivers humanitarian aid and solutions regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief. Our aim is to help relieve the suffering of the world’s poorest communities and make a difference to those most in need.

At an early stage of SKT Welfare’s life, education played a central role in our major projects. We believe it serves as the backbone for sustainable change. The charity has accomplished several projects over the past few years, in the UK, Pakistan, Morocco and Somalia. However, since the onset of the crisis in Syria we have re-oriented all our efforts towards addressing the humanitarian fallout from this conflict, and have become instrumental in delivering aid to Syrians both inside Syria and within refugee camps in neighbouring countries. The charity has evolved and adapted itself successfully to what is an extremely difficult conflict zone to function within, operationally and logistically. We have delivered vast amounts of medical aid, food, clothing, baby packs and financial support already.

SKT Welfare’s work in Syria targets the most vulnerable as its priority; the injured, orphans, widows, the homeless and refugees. The current focus is largely on relief work and getting aid to the needy. However, when Syria returns to a more democratic set-up, the country will still be devoid of an adequate public health system (because it has collapsed as a result of the on-going civil war), institutions will need to be rebuilt and provisions for civilian welfare will be required. There will be a lot of re-development work to be done post-crisis and our vision is to take a lead role in the rebuild. The work that we are undertaking now and the reputation we are building up is critical in fulfilling this objective.


  • We operate a 100% donation policy.
  • All of our work is carried out by experienced and committed volunteers, primarily from professional backgrounds. We do not outsource any aspect of our relief efforts whatsoever, and take complete ownership for delivering projects ourselves, end-to-end.
  • Our decision to function autonomously in responding to humanitarian crises is the engine behind our ability to initiate and continue independent, swift and effective relief efforts.
  • The donations we receive enable us to maintain this freedom to act without constraint or consideration to outside currents which might otherwise impact the critical work we do, based on our own assessments of where the needs are most acute and the resources at our disposal.
  • This work we do is driven solely by our own assessment of the need, balanced by any associated risk.
  • We are not subject to any external agency, interests or pressure. This approach is especially important when large segments of civilian populations are facing imminent threats to life and welfare.
  • SKT Welfare’s extensive network of volunteers enables us to be extremely efficient in delivering aid to those who need it most inside Syria. There are many credible charities contributing to aid efforts, but very few have the logistical set-up to get aid into Syria. Those that can, are focussed on border areas or major cities such as Aleppo and Homs. Unlike SKT Welfare, few are actually getting aid to many of the devastated village areas, which are, therefore, being neglected. Our network (of 50 people inside Syria) is so effective that charities have requested us to partner with them, in delivering aid to Syrians.
  • We now have offices in the USA, Jordan, Turkey, Sweden as well as the UK giving us an international footprint for both fund-raising and delivering aid.

If you have made a donation in error please contact our Supporter Care team on 03003020786 or email info@sktwelfare.org within 48 hrs of making the donation and they will be happy to refund this for you.

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