Orphan charity is a very special form of charity. The Prophet (saw) himself was orphaned from an early age, and because of this looks kindly on those who take the time to care for orphaned children.  

The Prophet (saw) said: “I and the caretaker of the orphan will enter Paradise together like this, raising (by way of illustration) his forefinger and middle finger jointly, leaving no space in between." (Bukhaari)  

Our flagship Orphan Care programme – Springs of Hope - is an orphan charity that is committed to ensuring that every child grows up happy, healthy and well cared for. Springs of Hope has paved the way for hundreds of vulnerable boys and girls to have the childhoods they deserve and futures filled with bright opportunities.  

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Springs of Hope

Our orphan programme for Syrian refugee families in Turkey is like no other. Not only do we want to ensure Syrian orphans are safe, cared for and have access to the best quality education and healthcare, but we ensure we keep families together. We provide safe spaces for Syrian widows to live with their children, ensuring siblings grow up together under the loving support of their own mother.

War tears lives and families apart, and we want to make sure those having fled to Turkey don’t experience anymore suffering or separation. At our Springs of Hope family centre, we care for over 120 Syrian orphans, some of who are living in the centre with their mothers.

Our centre is equipped with separate living spaces, a communal eating space, kitchens, classrooms and a playground. Our children attend the best school in the city, and receive quality medical and dental care.

We provide robust psycho-social support, ensuring children and widows can recover and heal from the trauma they have experienced in war-torn Syria. Children face the brunt of war, and we strive to ensure they have a childhood full of happiness and safety, and bright futures. At our centre, children can play freely, and be creative and artistic.

Children from our centre also study at the Qur’an School, where they are able to study the Arabic language, learn the Qur’an, study the seerah of our beloved Prophet (saw) and complete hifz of the Qur’an. Not only does this ensure that the Syrian refugees remain connected to their Islamic faith, but they are also connected to their own Arab heritage and language.

We work with widows to ensure they do receive the psycho-social support they need to recover and process the suffering and trauma they have experienced in Syria. We also provide skills training and Turkish lessons for the widows to help them grow in independence and ability so they can find jobs, set up their own businesses or move into their own homes if they so wish.

At Springs of Hope, we provide hope of a better life, away from the perils of war and destruction. You can support a child in need for a simple donation of £20 a month.

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Our SKT Welfare volunteers work tirelessly on the ground in Cox’s Bazar, delivering food parcels to vulnerable refugee families. Each parcel comprises nutritious, essential items.

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Our 100% donation policy means that every penny you donate is used in the delivery of humanitarian projects and directly related costs. Indirect and administrative costs are covered by either direct donations themselves or by using Gift Aid.